Demo 2011

by Gallons Of Mud

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songs taken from the split-EP with CUT


released December 12, 2011

guitar: Paul, drums: Roland, bass/vocals: Steve
all songs recorded and mixed in September 2011 by Steve, mastered by Zatzen.



all rights reserved


Gallons of Mud Köln, Germany

Slow thinking, slow movements: Sludgy stoner rock with a doomy edge. Replace talent with devotion and creativity with a passion for Sabbath riffs.

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Track Name: Bullhead
you're dead, you'll fall
much sooner than you thought
true king now roars
his head is crowned with gore
stampede, sing loose
these songs of trampling hooves
new king, now roams
his crown is made of horns

going eye to eye with the bull
he may not be bright but strong
you better choose your path alone
if he's aiming right you're gone
Track Name: Dirt Priest
I heart you, come back for better
all this struggle done in vain
this little faith runs on frustration
aftertaste of wasted time
I throw up and run

in the end it's now or never
time well spent is lost forever

good is never good enough
god is never god enough
Track Name: 21 Grammes
held back for so long
stains mend into one
breathe and take your last stand
peace by your own hand
slow drift aside

unclean, hidden defect
deadly dosis, collapse
slow down
breathe out

life still in the eye
slow drift aside
start losing weight